Honoring women & mothers  in times of celebration & grief.

About Me

Each Sister Tree Necklace is lovingly handcrafted by myself,  Kylie Finlinson Power,  mama to two precious little ones and founder of The Sister Tree. My husband Zach has been an amazing support and inspiration for me in bringing to fruition those things I hold most dear. I enjoy reading spiritual books, meditation, watercolor painting, bringing Waldorf education into my home, storytelling, playing outdoors with my kids, all things related to pregnancy, birth and postpartum,  going to yoga classes with my husband, and most of all, I find nothing more satisfying or enjoyable that growing in harmony with God-both the masculine and feminine deities.  I am currently working on becoming a Sacred Birth Dance Instructor and feel so overjoyed to have found a blend of so many topics I love blended into one program! 

 I love motherhood and the path of love it has taken me on.  I recognize that to be a mother is not just to bear children, but to honor the divine feminine within and to live in the attributes and powers that the female Goddess embodies. I am grateful for the women and mothers in my life who have helped me cultivate and honor that divine part of myself and to discover how that feminine power is manifest. I believe that God is Love, and that Love overcomes all things. This Love is within all of us and will guide us to our greatest peace and happiness. 

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The Vision

The Sister Tree began with a vision to create meaningful and beautiful tree of life necklaces for women and mothers as a token of honor and support during times of celebration or grief.  The Tree of Life is a symbol of love and life, and women give life and contain their own tree of life within themselves.  I envisioned this network of women throughout time who have supported and honored each other. Women being connected together in a tree of love and connection...a Sister Tree.

Just one month after becoming a mother to my first child, my sisters little boy passed away becoming our forever "Johnny Angel".  The pain and loss was so deep for all of us, especially my sister.  Watching her grieve as well as rise out of her pain has left me in awe at the strength and love of a mother. This experience started to fuel my desire to create what would become The Sister Tree. 

Sister Tree necklaces make for wonderful birthstone mothers necklaces, unique jewelry,  personalized healing pendants, blessing-way gifts, birthing jewelry,  or a unique way to remember angel babies. 

Only genuine gemstones are used in the creation of every necklace to maintain the energetic properties of each stone.